A Rat Rant on “V for Vendetta” (2005)

Political Thriller {more meaningful each day}

What can I say I love this kind of flick. Intrigue and drama set in a fantastical vision not so far removed from the real world that we can’t see the story. And yes the creators of the original comic series which serves as the inspiration for the film were split in their liking for the film. However the dissent by Alan Moore about the “Americanizing” of the plot elements misses the entire point of the story which he himself created! The story itself transcends a single political philosophy or counter-philosophy and could be adapted to most any culture on the planet.

Our anti-hero “V” at times comes across as at times as little more than an agitator or terrorist with a score to settle but there is much more at work here than something so rudimentary. The message is simple, in any society where the people willingly give up their freedom the only way to get it back is for the people to reclaim it. Despite what some folks think about this movie being all about just one guy, in the end he represents the ideals of the people and if they are not willing to act then nothing of any substance will happen.

The imagery of the future society is well done and immediately draws the viewer in leaving little doubt about who the villains are in the story. Natalie Portman does a fine job as the counter to “V”, she representing the innocence and he the lost soul. By the end of the film they have blended somewhat but the blending makes each of them stronger. Perhaps my favorite image from the film is the wonderful allegory of V as he “lines up the dominoes” to foreshadow the events of the finale.

This is unusual fare at times and not for the faint of heart or those looking for mindless action, but for an excellent cerebral adventure looking at the dark side of our society you can’t miss with this. SS Rat says “remember, remember the fifth of November…” and check this one out